You just became unemployed

You need to spend your time on what is important – that is, applying for jobs.

That is why we help you get a handle on the rules when you first become unemployed, so that they do not require more from you than necessary.

When you have just become unemployed, there are a lot of things to keep track of, so here you find an overview of what you need to remember in your first days as unemployed.

If you need any help regarding the rules, we are ready to help you at 70100018.

1.    Register as unemployed and create a CV at Jobnet

On your first day as unemployed, you need to register as unemployed at the jobcenter. You do so at You can also do so by showing up in person at your nearest jobcenter.

You can only start receiving unemployment benefits from the day you are registered as unemployed, so that is why it is important that you register as soon as possible.

You also need to create a CV at as soon as possible and no later than 2 weeks after you registered as unemployed. Once you have created your CV, you also need to remember to activate it.

We are the ones who need to approve your CV. We will write you or call you if anything is missing in order for us to approve it. What is most important is that you describe:

-          Which jobs you are applying for

-          Your qualifications

-          Your previous jobs

-          Your education

-          Remember to also write your contact information so that an employer can see where you live and how to reach you. So write your zip code and phone number or email address as a minimum

2.    Apply for unemployment benefits at Lærernes a-kasse

You need to fill out a declaration of unemployment (ledighedserklæring), which is the application for unemployment benefits. You find it on the website under blanketter once you have logged in. Here you need to choose between the declaration of unemployment for salary earners (ledighedserklæring for lønmodtagere) and the declaration of unemployment for newly educated persons and conscripts (ledighedserklæring for nyuddannede og værnepligtige).

At Min a-kasseside, you need to fill out and submit a benefit card (dagpengekort) every month. On the card, you inform whether you have had any work, been sick, been on holiday, had any income etc. We make the card available to be filled out on the website a week before the last day of the month. Your benefits will be paid out, when we have received your card. If you have sent us your card a week before the end of the month, we will pay out your benefits on the last weekday of the month. See the dates for submission and payment at udbetalingskalender.

The benefit card must be filled out and submitted no later than one month and 10 days after the end of the month. After this point, the period will become obsolete and you can no longer receive any benefits for that month.

Read more about the rules for unemployment benefits.

3.    Write up a draft for Før mødet med a-kassen

You need to fill out a plan that we call Før mødet med a-kassen within your first week of being unemployed. Here you describe your qualifications and wants for a job. Før mødet med a-kassen is a shared tool for you and your consultant to be used when you meet, and we also use it to match you with any available positions.

4.    Book a Welcome Meeting

Within your first week of being unemployed, you will receive a message from us asking you to book a Welcome Meeting (velkomstmøde). When you have received this message, you can log on and book your meeting, which is mandatory.

The Welcome Meeting will contribute to you having a targeted and focused job hunt from the beginning. Here we present to you all the offers and options that you can make use of to succeed in finding a job.

The purpose of the Welcome Meeting is for you to gain an overview of how to create a varied plan for the coming time and especially, how to make use of us during the course of your unemployment.

5.    Understand the rules

When you have just become unemployed, you probably have a lot of questions regarding the rules and the job hunt. That is why we have gathered all the rules that you need to know about in a video that you need to watch before your Welcome Meeting. You can find the video, when you log in.

6.    Make use of our offers that may help you find a job

At Jobsøgning you will find several pieces of advice and tools that can help you in your job hunt. You can also find job applications and CVs to use for inspiration.

On the frontpage, you can also find all our workshops and events that you can participate in.