How does the coronavirus influence you who are unemployed, self-employed or on early retirement benefits?

Here you will find answers to many of the questions that you are likely wondering about.

Will I continue to receive unemployment benefits, early retirement benefits and holiday pay from Lærernes a-kasse during the COVID-19 outbreak?

Yes, all benefits are paid out as normally. Therefore, remember to submit your benefit card (ydelseskort) and your application for holiday pay (feriedagpengeansøgning).

Do I need to attend meetings with Lærernes a-kasse?

You no longer have to attend meetings with Lærernes a-kasse. If you have already scheduled a meeting, we will automatically call you. All workshops and larger meetings are also cancelled. Of course you are always welcome to book a time for an individual career interview (karrieresparring) and for receiving feedback on your job applications, and you can always write us a message through the website, if you would like for us to call you. You can no longer call us as all employees have been sent home and are working from home.

What do I need to do as unemployed?

If you become unemployed during the COVID-19 crisis, you must as always register as unemployed at www.jobnet.dk, fill out a declaration of unemployment (ledighedserklæring) and submit a benefit card (dagpengekort). You can find a more comprehensive guide here. Remember, you do not have to book a Welcome Meeting (velkomstmøde) due to COVID-19.

If you are unemployed, you are exempt from applying for jobs and attending meetings until you hear otherwise. You still need to remember to submit your benefit card, stay in Denmark and keep an active CV at Jobnet.

What do I do if I become sick, or I am put in quarantine?

If you get infected with Corona, it counts as sickness. In that case, you must as always register as sick. You do so at jobnet.dk – Min side. If you are put in quarantine, it also counts as sickness, and so in this case you must also register as sick at Jobnet.

I have been travelling. How should I proceed?

If you have been travelling in a risk area, the authorities recommend that you stay home for 14 days. You can still receive unemployment benefits.

If you are unable to return home from abroad, it is considered force majeure, and you will still receive unemployment benefits. However, it is a condition that you were unemployed and entitled to benefits prior to the holiday with holiday pay. It is also a condition that you can document that you have been unable to return to Denmark by the date you listed on your application for holiday pay (feriedagpengeansøgning) as the last day of the holiday. You spend hours from your period of entitlement (dagpengeperiode).

If you become unemployed while stranded abroad, you cannot receive unemployment benefits.

Can I take care of my child at home now that the school and kindergarten are closed?

You can take care of your child at home without any consequences to your unemployment benefits. Remember to still be registered as unemployed and keep an active CV on Jobnet.

How should I proceed as someone who is hourly paid?

If you become sick or are put in quarantine, you must register as sick at www.jobnet.dk – Min side. Then, you will receive unemployment benefits during sickness.

If you cannot work because the school is closed, you do not write any hours on your benefit card and then you receive benefits on those days.

If I receive supplementary benefits, where do I stand?

If you already receive supplementary unemployment benefits and you continue to receive salary from your employer, then you will continue to receive supplementary benefits.

If you are employed part-time, but you are going to need benefits because you can no longer get extra hours, then you can register as unemployed and receive benefits relative to the number of hours in your contract.

If you are infected or put in quarantine, then you must register as sick, and it is your employer who must pay out salary for the hours that you were supposed to work. In some cases, it is the local authority (kommune) who must pay out sickness benefits (sygedagpenge) to you. Your employer can ask you to work from home.

Your use of supplementary benefits will be the same after 1 Juli 2020 as it was before 1 March 2020. No members exhaust their right to supplementary benefits during this period, and the work that you do have, will continue to count towards extending your right to supplementary benefits.

I have been sent home without pay. Can I receive unemployment benefits?

If you have been sent home without pay, because your collective agreement (overenskomst) or employment contract allows it, then you can register as unemployed and receive benefits during the time in which you have been sent home.

I am a jobseeker in another country. What happens if I cannot return home once my allowed period of job seeking in another country ends? (PDU 2)

The situation is considered force majeure, so if you are unable to return to Denmark and register at the jobcenter in time, then we can extend the deadline. That way, you can keep your unemployment benefits. Yet, you must be able to document that you have not been able to return to Denmark within the original deadline. And you must register at the jobcenter no later than the day after you return home to Denmark.

I am under employment with salary subsidy (løntilskud). Who will pay my salary?

If you are sent home and are in an employment with salary subsidy, then the employer will pay your salary. If you are at a workplace that, for instance, closes down completely, then you must receive unemployment benefits.

Do I still have to apply for jobs?

You no longer have to be fully available for the labour market. You are therefore exempt from applying for jobs and attending meetings, until you hear otherwise.

You can still participate in company-targeted courses, if both you and the jobcenter agree that it is a good idea. And the jobcenter can refer you to a job within for example emergency procedures, but you do not have to accept.

What about my period of entitlement (dagpengeperiode) and my period of reference (referenceperiode)?

It has been decided that your benefit meter (dagpengetæller) will be suspended from 1 March to 30 June. So, if you are unemployed during this period, your period of entitlement to unemployment benefits will be extended. 

Your period of reference for unemployment benefits – which is the 36 months in which you can receive benefits – is also extended with the months that you have been unemployed during the period of 1 March to 30 Juni 2020.

Will I still be imposed waiting days (karensdage) during the period of 1 March and undtil current rules resume? 

You will not be imposed any waiting days during this period 1 March to 30 June 2020. The hours that you accrue by working during this period, will continue to count towards preventing any waiting days. If you are imposed any waiting days in March – as the Act is only coming into operation now, the systems may have already imposed the waiting days in March – the days will be refunded to you.

What about my holiday pay from Lærernes a-kasse (feriedagpenge) that I have applied for to be spent during 1 March to 31 May?

You can spend your holiday pay as planned. Your holiday pay does not affect your period of entitlement.

I have resigned my membership at Lærernes a-kasse because I have used up my entitlement to unemployment benefits. Can I join again?

If you have used up your entitlement since 1 March and perhaps resigned your membership, then you can join again and have your entitlement extended.

I run a self-employed business. Do I need to close down my business?

The Ministry of Finance offers support to small business owners, and this is needed as many experience lower earnings because of the crisis. Perhaps you can get help. Read more about the options here.

If you nevertheless want to apply for unemployment benefits, then you may have to close down your business. You will have to do so, if the business is your main occupation as you have little or no paid employment at the same time.

Before you close down your business, contact us, so that we can advise you as to whether it is worthwhile for you to apply for unemployment benefits. That is to say, you need to live up to other requirements to receive benefits and still document how you are closing down your business.

Read more about self-employed businesses and unemployment benefits here.

I have applied for early retirement benefits (efterløn). Where do I stand, now that most things have closed down?

Even though the employees at Lærernes a-kasse have been sent home, we still keep a readiness to ensure that you can still apply for benefits from Lærernes a-kasse and have your application processed.

During the COVID-19 situation, we cannot offer you an in-person meeting, if you have any questions – or if we are missing any information from you. But you can always send us a message through the website and for instance ask us to call you.

Learn more at www.coronadenmark.dk