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What is an unemployment insurance fund?

The Teachers’ Unemployment Insurance Fund is for all teachers. For all the teachers who feed our curiosity, and all those who know just how wonderful the world is and have found their own way of sharing their knowledge with others. We work for all of you, who open up the world.

An unemployment insurance fund can be compared to an insurance company; as a member of our fund, we help you maintain your economic security in case of unemployment.

We are a helping hand in your search for work. We also make sure that you live up to the legal criteria which ensure that you can receive unemployment benefits (dagpenge). This is why it is one of our top priorities for you to be well informed about the rules and regulations, and for you to know about all your options and opportunities.

The unemployment insurance fund disburses your unemployment benefits every month, as well as holiday benefits (feriedagpenge) and early pension (efterløn) when you need it. We also offer guidance and counselling to all our members in their job search, work to strengthen and secure teachers all around the country in their jobs, and work closely with the jobcentres.

Curious about our prices or formal deadlines? Read our FAQ here