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You are newly unemployed

…And we are ready to help you navigate the rules, pay out unemployment benefits on time, prepare you for job interviews and much more. We translate the applicable legislation for you, and guide you on the rules, so you feel safe and able to spend your time and energy on applying for jobs.

There are many things to keep track of on the first days of unemployment, so we have made a step-by-step guide for anyone who is newly unemployed. Of course, you are always welcome to call us at 70 10 00 18, where we are ready to advise you on your current situation.

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1. Register as unemployed on Jobnet.dk

Register yourself as unemployed on Jobnet.dk on first day of unemployment. You cannot receive unemployment benefits until the day you register yourself and get a receipt. Are you not registered as unemployed at your jobcentre, you cannot receive unemployment benefits. You cannot register yourself as unemployed retroactively.

2. Create your CV on Jobnet.dk

Create your CV on Jobnet.dk two weeks after you have registered yourself as unemployed, at the latest, but before your first meeting with us. When your CV is finished you need to activate it. If you already have a CV, you need to update and then activate it, so we can approve it. We will contact you if we have any questions regarding your CV.

3. Apply for unemployment benefits at the Teachers’ Unemployment Insurance Fund

When you have registered yourself as unemployed, you will need to fill out a declaration of unemployment. Please note that this form is written in Danish. Call us at 70 10 00 18 if you need help or have any questions about filling out the declaration of unemployment.

You can find the declaration of unemployment here

4. Fill out your benefits eligibility form every month

The benefits eligibility form will be available when your declaration of unemployment has been approved. The benefits eligibility form is available to fill out on the sixth last day of the month. Click here to see the calendar of disbursement. In the benefits eligibility form, you can tell us if you have been sick, on vacation, worked or other activities in the last month. You will always have one month and ten days to fill out the benefits eligibility form. 

Please note that our forms are written solely in Danish. You are more than welcome to contact us at 70 10 00 18 if you need help filling them out.

You can find the benefits eligibility form here

5. Send out job applications the same day you have registered yourself as unemployed

You need to apply for multiple full-time jobs every week. You need to register this in Jobloggen on Jobnet.dk each week, otherwise you might not be able to receive your unemployment benefits. You should also upload two copies of job applications on Jobnet.dk each month. You should be able to accept and start a full-time job with a day’s notice.

6. Participate in meetings at your jobcentre and at the Teachers’ Unemployment Insurance Fund

You need to participate in the appointments that the jobcentre and that the Teachers’ Unemployment Insurance Fund call you in for. You should also participate in the events and activities that you sign up for at the jobcentre. If you do not meet up to the appointments, events or activities, you might not be able to receive your unemployment benefits.

Your first appointment with us is the introductory meeting. We will call you in for this meeting fourteen days after you have registered yourself as unemployed, at the latest. You can read what you need to prepare before the meeting in the meeting notice, so the appointment will be as fruitful and useful for you as possible. We will end the meeting with working out a plan for your job search.

After your first meeting with us and at the jobcentre, you should book all your future appointments yourself. We will notify you once it is time to book a new meeting, and provide a deadline for when you need to book it. If you do not book a meeting before the deadline, you will be deregistered as unemployed on Jobnet.dk. If you are deregistered you will need to register yourself as unemployed once more, and then you will be asked to book a new meeting.

If you are sick, or you have a job interview or work on the same day and time, you do not have to meet up to the appointment, as long as you cancel the meeting to us or the jobcentre. This counts as legal absence.

7. Check your inbox and read your messages from us on a daily basis

It is important that you check your messages from us on a daily basis, since we might have to call you in for a meeting with a day’s notice. Please note that these messages are sent within our website’s database. Log in here to see your inbox. You should also check your messages from your jobcentre on a daily basis. You will communicate with your jobcentre on Jobnet.dk and on your digital post. You can read your digital post on e-Boks, for example.

Click here to read more about the unemployment benefit rules and the rules for job seekers

8. Vacation and sick leave

You should call in sick on Jobnet.dk if you fall ill. Remember to leave a notice when you have recovered.

If you are going on vacation, you need to leave a notice on Jobnet.dk fourteen days before your vacation starts, at the latest. Remember to also leave a notice if you wish to go on vacation abroad while you are unemployed, since you will not receive unemployment benefits while on vacation.

9. Improve your job search

At the Teachers’ Unemployment Insurance Fund, we offer a variety of free workshops and online courses, all created to inspire you and improve your job search.

Please note that our workshops are in Danish.

Sign up for our workshops here

Any questions? Call us at 70 10 00 18